Monday, February 22, 2010

Winter Break

We had a staycation this year for Winter Break. Darren worked all week and we stayed home, but I tried to keep the kids busy.

I took the kids skiing at Bristol Mountain for the day. We went with friends and they said it was their best day skiing, ever! Noah used Darren's skis and boots and enjoyed having better equipment.

Annabel's hot pink ski pants were easy to spot from the lodge. One of my neighbors was there and she and I spent the afternoon visiting and watching the kids come down the mountain.
Bea skied earlier in the week, as well, with her friend Cameron. That was a hard day, but by Wednesday (when we went), she was much better and stayed on her feet more than her behind.

Christian and Drew were great skiing companions for Noah and Annabel. Noah is the tall one in the picture. I'm really glad my kids wear helmets. The day before we were there a dad was snowboarding and hit a tree. He didn't survive.

The girls did a card swap with our friends from church. We do this most of the the school breaks.

We went to Manhattan Square Park for ice-skating. The girls didn't want to leave by the time our session ended. They had finally gotten a feel for the skates. It has been several years since they had lessons.
Noah enjoyed Xbox with friends, and some down time without the girls, but that was spent out of my sight.
Overall, it was a pretty painless winter break and everyone had a good week and felt like it had really been a vacation.