Tuesday, November 18, 2008

First snowman of the season

Bea was so excited to see snow that she came home from school, bundled up and went out to play by herself. She was quite proud of her snowbaby.



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This Morning

we awoke to snow on the ground.

This doesn't bode well for traveling this week.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Annabel's flute recital

Window to the Past by John Williams
Double Trouble
Notice the Harry Potter theme? Annabel is a huge fan.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

LaRue's comment from Christmas 1989

I want to make sure that everyone sees LaRue's comment. I knew she would remember more of the details than I. LaRue, you are awesome!

The people who showed up at the Christmas party were LaRue, Steve John couldn't make it--but I borrowed his silk shirt from J.Crew, Deborah, Darren, Natasha, and a few others from her mission, Wendy, Sheryl Carlin, and they guy who wore different color birks from BYU. George Durrant and his wife spoke to us and Sheryl and the other guy performed music. Natasha and a few of her returned missionaries sang also. I made a wicked mushroom pasta, with a salad, and really good bread with real butter. And there was a hot and cold dessert. I think like an apple cake/caramel with ice cream. In the picture I sort of look a little off because Steve John didn't show up,
My husband and I laughed because the picture we looked at it and thought trans-gender and laughed, but it made me feel good now how my hair looks today at least.
There was someone in the kitchen with me and we just made plates up and served them. It was a guy I think Matt who lived in a shoe store for a while. English major.
I think Deb was pretty social back then. I think with Deborah if three or more were gathered it was some type of party.
Long live the 80's.


Monday, November 10, 2008

Brace Face

Look who got braces!

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10 years later

Adam is wearing a shirt his mom bought at one of my garage sales many years ago. I used this poor shot because it shows how colorful the shirt is still, after 10 years. Maybe we should submit this as an add for Gymboree. If I were using digital when Noah was a baby, I could compare pics, but we were too poor in those days to be technically advanced, and I still don't have a scanner. So, you'll just have to imagine Noah's big blonde Charlie Brown head where Adam's head is now.

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Christmas 1989

give or take a year. How scary is this. My friend, Wendy, just emailed this to me. If I recall, my roommates and I were hosting a Christmas party at the blue duplex. Anyone remember more details.

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Larue, Darren, Deborah


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Just a Wiggle

is what the dentist calls it, but we all know she is yanking out teeth. Poor Noah had 5 teeth pulled on Thursday. He was a real trooper through the ordeal and said he loved the feel of the laughing gas. He said he felt like he was in a dream and that he would never forget that feeling. He kept raising his arm to reach for something, or maybe he just enjoyed the weightless feeling...I'm not sure.
It wasn't until we got into the car that one hole really started to hurt and he kind of freaked a little from the pain, but two extra strength tylenol did the job in about an hour's time. After that he enjoyed the attention and his last visit from the tooth fairy. They are all permanent now.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Pioneer Woman

If you love P-dub as I do, check out this video.


Primary Program

This was the rehearsal on Sunday. She said she played it perfectly after I had taped this one.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ben and Jerry's

I'm thinking the best thing to come out of today was our free ice cream from Ben and Jerry's.The girls and I took advantage of a nice warm November evening and made the most of our night away from the TV.



Annabel is convinced that there will be no Christmas if Obama wins tonight. She rightly believes our taxes will be raised and there will be no money for anything other than basic survival. She figured this out on her own. I told her it hopefully won't be that dire, but we may have to tighten our belts.


Monday, November 3, 2008


Here is proof that my kids actually do get along every now and then.Every day may look like this, but occasionally we get a little of this.
They are playing together.
They are taking turns.
Look, no fighting.
They are smiling.
This is what happens when we turn off the TV, and the weather is still nice. Let's hope for more good days.

I just like this picture of Noah. It shows him with his volleyball, which is always in his hands or in the air. It also shows Annabel on the street playing with the neighbors dog, Cheeny, a tibetan terrier if you have never seen one. She knows all our neighbors and all their dogs.


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Week

is finally over. Honestly, I can't stand Halloween, but it is Annabel's favorite holiday, so I let her take over all decorating and activities. It is always too much for me and not enough for her. Ugh.
The week begins with poor Bea sick, but she can still take a pretty picture.

Bea and Darren getting ready to dig into some serious pumpkin guts. Our friends the Finkelsteins invited us over for pumpkin carving.

She thought that carving pumpkins on her cream colored carpet was a good idea.

I didn't and insisted that my family carve on the kitchen floor.

The results of our labor. The 2 Pulley pumpkins are the two biggest ones. Noah's rotted about a week earlier, so we only had 2 this year.

Annabel's pumpkin

spooky pumpkin by Bea (really Darren)

We had a ward party on Wednesday to begin the candy eating frenzy. Bea and her two best friends.
This is one of the only pictures of Annabel in her costume--She is a rock star.

Noah and his two best friends who happen to be the older brothers of Bea's friends.

Halloween night the Sheltons and the Finkelsteins came over for trick or treating and overeating. Noah left us to go to another neighborhood with his friends. His costume was his regular clothes and a Santa hat that he borrowed from his friend. He is just about too cool for Halloween.
friends gettting through the night
The week is over and we are on to Thanksgiving.