Friday, August 28, 2009

Charlottesville, VA

We stopped in Charlottesville on our way to Myrtle Beach. My youngest sister, Megan, is working on a doctorate at UVA and all my life--really--I have wanted to visit Monticello. I remember begging my dad to take us there, but that never happened. So, after many years of wishing to see this American landmark, I have finally seen it.
No pictures were allowed in the home, but here is a view from the website.

Noon day sun was hot.
Did I mention it was HOT? Noah was ready to end the day and it has only just begun.
I haven't seen Megan in about 5 years. She is so pretty and I got a little verklempt because she looks so much like my grandmother, especially in the eyes. She looks a lot like Aunt Charlotte. It was my first time to see her as an adult and to talk to her as grownup.
Happy, happy me.
FIGS!!! We found a fig tree with ripe fruit on the side of the house. OMG. It made me so happy. We had a fig tree growing up in Texas and I love figs. I can buy figs here for $.50 a piece at Wegmans, for 3 days out of the year.
We just about picked the tree clean. Everybody, including Noah thought they were delicious.
They loved the figs! So good, I can taste them still.
Here is a replica of Jefferson's bed in the children's museum.
The first copy machine.
Noah and Thomas
Annabel found a locust and didn't know what it was. I told her how we would find these on the farm and play army with them when we were kids. It started a scavenger hunt for these. She found them all over the trees.
Noah discovered this toy at the museum and decided it was his souvenir of the day.
We had a great time in Charlottesville and I look forward to returning. We only had a day and didn't get to see everything we wanted. Megan and Evan are planning on coming for Thanksgiving and we can't wait to see them again.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ellison Park

This is a dog named Winnie. Winnie is a labradoodle that refuses to swim in our pool.
This is a lovely little creek/pool at Ellison Park.
This is Roxy, she's a Jackapoo. She loves to swim in our pool, and thinks this creek is awesome.
OMGosh, I think she may drown. Annabel has tried to teach her to swim, but with little success. Winnie's tail end tends to sink.
I couldn't go in after her, because I am keeping an eye on this little guy. He is having a blast throwing pebbles for Roxy to catch.
They are having a party.
Throw some more, throw some more, more, more, more.
Roxy can even catch several at a time.
Okay, she didn't drown.
But man, is she out there.
Run, Winnie, run.
Maybe, we'll try again another day, but only if Roxy comes along.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Utah Trip

Darren's mother passed away the end of July and we made a very quick trip to Utah. We spent a lot of time visiting cousins and trying to make a little vacation out of our 4 days there.
I really wanted to take the kids to Cascade Springs, between Provo and American Fork Canyons. It was lovely, but extremely hot. Even Noah was rather taken aback by the heat.

I was hopeful to get some good pictures while we were there, but it was just too dang hot, and at 5pm the sun was still rather harsh.

I was so happy to see my beautiful friends Mary (here) and Heidi. While the kids and Darren spent the day at Lagoon Amusement park, I spent the day being amused by my dear friends. Thank you for spending the day with me!
Kent and Noah got to catch up on old times and Clara joined the cousins in all the fun.

The girls couldn't get enough of their cousin Kimball.

You would never guess these cousins only see each other every few years, but it does help that we just saw them in November. Jared (bottom right ) looks more like Darren as a kid than his own do. They could be twins.
Oldest daughters of the three brothers.
We headed back to Mary's to swim and finish off a difficult day having fun and making good memories.
Next time, we'll meet under better circumstances.


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Scout Camp

Noah spent a week at scout camp and came home with 4 merit badges. Yippee!
ready to head out
rowing for Christian's mile swim
Noah did the polar bear swim every morning doing the mile qualifier.
He didn't starve.
a great troop of boys
Thanks to Kelly Bitters for all the pictures.