Monday, June 29, 2009

Surprise visitors

I am getting out of my car on Sunday morning in the church parking lot when I notice a family doing the same. I don't bother paying attention as I am running late. They walk in front of me when I realize it is Tracy Boyse and her family. They left here 8 years ago and I haven't seen her since. We have kept in touch with Christmas cards over the years.

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It was so much fun getting to spend some time with her family and seeing how her kids have grown.
We love visitors and are always glad to welcome you back to Rochester.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Last days of school

The last days of school included Annabel's promotion to middle school,



parties to celebrate the end of school,

fun times with good friends,
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and class presentations.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Email from my Dad

I received this email from my Dad, and the pictures came from my Mother. I thought some of you might enjoy seeing what my kids are missing living far from grandparents. These are my sister, Kate's, kids.

I took Grace and Julia fishing in shifts this morning.
First Grace and I left at about 5:45 am and fished until about 8:30.
Grace caught 7 nice bream and had a great time.
Mom then brought Julia to the landing and I took her fishing.
I only take one at a time because if I have to save them from drowning I don't want to have to save two at a time.
Julia first caught a small yellow bass and then a nice bream. She had no trouble getting them into the boat. A few minutes later she hooked a 2# channel cat and started screaming, "Help me". I told her it was her fish and she had to catch it herself. It put up a good fight and ran to the other side of the boat and then back where it started. She finally got it near the boat and I reached down and grabbed the line and pulled it into the boat.
Not 2 minutes later she hooked a 3 1/2 # blue cat that I thought was going to pull her out of the boat. She screamed, "Help me right now!" I grabbed a hold of her life jacket and told her to catch her own fish. This turned into a major battle on the 7 ft black willow pole. She had such a grip on the pole her hands turned beet red. The fish made two runs up into the brush near the bank and I thought sure she would lose it. She finally got it turned around and near the boat and I lifted it in. Her blue eyes got as big as Easter eggs. She was one happy girl, but also a tired pup.
If you ask her how big that fish is, she will stretch her arms out as far as she can. She is not far wrong.
Mom took pictures and we will have it published in next months Texas Fish and Game magazine in the kids fishing section.
I would not take a $1000 for the experience.
Love, Dad

Grace, age 7
Julia, age 4


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bea's Baptism

Bea has turned 8 and she and her good friend, Cameron, were baptized today. Their birthdays are a day apart and they have enjoyed sharing many special events together.
She is our last one to take the plunge and we are all so excited for this day.Photobucket
Our families are great friends and it is like having family here. We are so grateful to all our friends who support us here and have become our family.Photobucket
Wet and beautiful.Photobucket
Thanks to Emma for sharing her baptism dress with Bea.


court of honor

Noah conducted our most recent court of honor. He did a great job and everyone thought he was very funny.
He also received several merit badges and his first class advancement.

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are finally ripe here in the northeast. I woke up early Saturday morning and realized that there wouldn't be a better time to take the kids strawberry picking than then. So, despite the rain, I woke everyone up and we took off for breakfast and strawberry picking.


We brought home 20lbs of delicious, sweet red berries.
That Bea can handle a paring knife. She helped clean and then we frozen about 3/4 of the berries...

and ate the rest.

I think I will have to go back this week for more. We didn't get enough to last the year and we ate what we didn't freeze like it was candy!
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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's official

She is 8!
Bea had a soccer game in the pouring rain tonight, but it was her best game ever she said. They won 9-0.


Bea decided several weeks ago that she wanted Red Lobster for her birthday dinner. Noah and Darren weren't too happy about that. Noah had biscuits and Darren had a chicken ceasar salad, but we girls enjoyed lobster and shrimp!

Bea was convinced that she was only getting two gifts--which is so unfair. She managed to do a little better than two, and was quite happy with the final outcome of the evening..

Happy Birthday, sweet baby girl. We love you!
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Happy Birthday, Bea

Good Morning birthday girl.


Bea got to open a couple of gifts this morning before heading out to school. She is modelling three of her new gifts...the messenger bag, the blouse, and the sandals.

FYI she has been wearing that yellow band around her ankle since last August when she got it at Myrtle Beach. She says it reminds her of the beach and she will wear it until she gets a new one at our resort this August. She has worn it nonstop since then and never takes it off--ever.
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mendon Ponds Field Trip

I got to tag along with Bea's second grade class on their field trip to Mendon Ponds. They have been studying pond habitats and got to spend a little bit of time getting their fingers wet in the real thing.


Bea and her friends get to scoop for specimens.

They found a little fish in one of their scoops.
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A few highlights from the morning.

This was Bea's last field trip as a primary student. After next week, she is on to elementary school and third grade.


Monday, June 8, 2009

John comes to visit

My youngest brother came to visit this weekend. John has been living in Japan for the last few years and we haven't seen him since he watched our kids when we went to Paris four years ago.


He has moved to NJ this spring and slow boated several boxes here. It was cheaper to drive here than to ship them from Texas. That meant we were guaranteed a visit!

He arrived just in time to help me set up my new computer. He was only here for 16 hrs, but we kept him busy.

We are hoping to get more visits as he is only 6 hours away, now and not 36.
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Sunday, June 7, 2009

photo booth

Annabel and her friends are enjoying my new computer.




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Sunday morning walk

We now have church at 11:30, so that gives us time in the mornings to take a walk or make a big breakfast or just enjoy the Sunday paper. Today, Darren, Bea, Winnie and I went on a walk along the canal.
This red-winged blackbird was the first thing we saw.
We saw two woodchucks...

..and an usually attractive dog hidden in the grass.Oh, wait, that is Winnie.
We came across lots of pretty flowers.
Any idea what kind of plant this might be? We thought it was quite pretty. Did you find the bee? Click on the last flower.
Water break.
Lots of folks were out on their bikes. Darren saw a patient riding past us.

Two wiggly little bums caught my eye.
More snow in Junefrom these trees.

Our morning walk was a lovely way to start a Sunday and get in a little exercise as well.