Friday, August 28, 2009

Charlottesville, VA

We stopped in Charlottesville on our way to Myrtle Beach. My youngest sister, Megan, is working on a doctorate at UVA and all my life--really--I have wanted to visit Monticello. I remember begging my dad to take us there, but that never happened. So, after many years of wishing to see this American landmark, I have finally seen it.
No pictures were allowed in the home, but here is a view from the website.

Noon day sun was hot.
Did I mention it was HOT? Noah was ready to end the day and it has only just begun.
I haven't seen Megan in about 5 years. She is so pretty and I got a little verklempt because she looks so much like my grandmother, especially in the eyes. She looks a lot like Aunt Charlotte. It was my first time to see her as an adult and to talk to her as grownup.
Happy, happy me.
FIGS!!! We found a fig tree with ripe fruit on the side of the house. OMG. It made me so happy. We had a fig tree growing up in Texas and I love figs. I can buy figs here for $.50 a piece at Wegmans, for 3 days out of the year.
We just about picked the tree clean. Everybody, including Noah thought they were delicious.
They loved the figs! So good, I can taste them still.
Here is a replica of Jefferson's bed in the children's museum.
The first copy machine.
Noah and Thomas
Annabel found a locust and didn't know what it was. I told her how we would find these on the farm and play army with them when we were kids. It started a scavenger hunt for these. She found them all over the trees.
Noah discovered this toy at the museum and decided it was his souvenir of the day.
We had a great time in Charlottesville and I look forward to returning. We only had a day and didn't get to see everything we wanted. Megan and Evan are planning on coming for Thanksgiving and we can't wait to see them again.